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User guide

1. Reservation confirmation

・If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please promptly follow the procedure for change from the reservation site.
・Our hotel is an unmanned hotel, and employees are not stationed. Please be aware in advance.

・Reservations can only be made online.
・All settlements will be made in advance at the time of booking.

2. Customers who come by other than their own car
・Please note that if you use a means of transportation other than a car, we will not be able to pick you up.

3. Unmanned hotel

・It is not possible to store your luggage in advance by courier service.
・Since there is no resident staff at the hotel, please be sure to check the hotel's website before making a reservation and before arriving on the day, and check the various precautions and usage guides.
・Cameras are installed in the building for crime prevention. Please be forewarned.

4. Meal information

・Since there are few facilities in the neighborhood where you can have breakfast and dinner, we recommend that you finish your meal on the way or bring your own food.
・There is an IH stove, freezer, refrigerator, rice cooker, and microwave in the mini-kitchen in the hotel, which you can use freely.


5. Amenities/Equipment

We have the following items available.
<Each room> Air conditioner, TV, slippers
<Common area> Vending machine, electric kettle
<Shower room> Hair dryer, body soap, shampoo, rinse
・Towels, toothbrushes, razors, combs, and yukata are not provided, so please bring your own.

6. check in

・On the day of your stay, we will guide you to your room Check-in time is 15:00.
・Please see this video for how to check in.


・Once you enter the room, please check the emergency evacuation route just in case.
・The room door is auto-locking. Please be sure to take your card key with you when you leave the room. If you lose the lock or card key, the person in charge will need to go to the site to reissue the key. 

7. Parking lot information

・For cars, please use the nearby parking lot indicated on this map.

・The driver is responsible for the safety of driving the car. Please note that the hotel will not be held responsible for any accidents or troubles that occur in the parking lot.

8. Guidance of the use time

・Curfew time … 24:00 (For security reasons, the entrance door will be locked.)
・Check-in … 15:00 to 24:00 (Cannot be used after the final check-in time.)
・Check-out … Until 10:00

9. Guidance of the shower room

・Operating hours: 15:00 to 9:30 the next morning
*Please note that the shower room will be cleaned during the day for guests staying multiple nights.
・There are one male and one female show
er room. When using the bath, hang a tag that says "Bathing" and lock it from the inside.
・Only the shower can be used, and the bathtub cannot be used. Please be aware in advance.  

10. Using the mini kitchen

・You can use the mini kitchen in the hotel freely.
・When using the refrigerator or freezer, put it in a bag with your name written on it, and use it correctly.
・Please note that anything left in the refrigerator after the check-out time will be discarded.
・If you are staying multiple nights, please let us know your check-out date.
・When using the mini kitchen, other customers may also use it, so please be considerate of each other. Also, please be careful not to disturb other customers such as garbage and dirt.
・Please note that you cannot take home equipment.

11. Wifi

・Wi-Fi is available in guest rooms. The password is posted in your room.

12. Guidance of guest room service

・Towels, toothbrushes, razors, combs, and yukata are not provided in the room, so please bring your own.
・Please raise and lower the futon by yourself.

13. Emergency contact during your stay

・In the unlikely event of an emergency, please call 090-1441-1362. The person in charge will respond.

14. Check out

・Check-out time is 10:00.
・Please use the automated system to check out yourself. Please note that you cannot check out without returning the room card key at that time. In this case, the person in charge will need to go to the site to reissue the key, and it will take time to respond, and 2,000 yen will be charged as a reissue fee, so please be careful.
・Once you have checked out of the room, you cannot open the door again, so please be careful not to leave anything behind. If you forget something, the person in charge will go to the site, so please be aware that it will take time to respond.

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