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Hachikita Hotel

Hachikita's first "completely unmanned hotel" in Kami-cho, Hyogo Prefecture
Grand opening in December 2022!
Please enjoy a relaxing time unique to our first hotel in the Tajima area…


Information from our hotel

○ Now accepting reservations! (2022.12.21 updated)
​○ The homepage has been released. (2022.12.12 updated)

Hachikita's first "completely unmanned hotel" is now available!
We will guide you at a cheap price unique to a room without meals!
First of all, please watch our hotel introduction video.


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Main building Hotel Tomiya

The hotel is near the lift station. This hotel is recommended for those who want to enjoy winter sports to their heart's content during the winter ski season.

本館 ホテルとみや
別館 ホテル日の出荘

Annex Hotel Hinodeso

This hotel is located near one of Hachikita's most famous hot springs, "Hachikita Onsen", and is recommended for guests who want to heal their daily fatigue in a hot spring.


About stay

At Hachikita Hotel, you can complete the procedures yourself from check-in to check-out.

From reservation to arrival on the day

・Reservations can only be made in advance via the Internet reception.
・If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please promptly follow the procedure for change from the reservation site.
・For private cars, please refer to the surrounding map and use a vacant parking lot near the hotel.
・Since there is no resident staff at the hotel, please be sure to check the "Usage Guide" on our website before making a reservation and arriving on the day.

How to check-in

1. Select "Check-in" at the desk payment machine in the lobby
2. I agree to the accommodation agreement
3. Select the check-in method from "reservation number" or "name"
4. If you live abroad, scan your passport
5. Fill out and sign the lodging list
6. Roommate confirmation screen
7. payment details confirmation
8. Room card issuance, receipt issuance
9. completion
​​*Customers residing overseas are required to present their passports.

How to checkout


1. Select "Checkout" at the desk payment machine in the lobby
2. insert room card
3. Done​
*You cannot open the room door after you check out, so please be careful not to leave anything behind. If you forget something, the person in charge will go to the site, so please be aware that it will take time to respond.

How to unlock the entrance door

・The entrance door of the hotel is auto-locked for crime prevention. To unlock the door, please access this site from your smartphone or mobile phone that can connect to the Internet on the day of the event and unlock the door. During your stay, you will need to unlock the door by accessing this URL each time you enter the entrance. Please confirm the accommodation facility and the period of stay.

Access from QR code(Tomiya)


​Access from QR code(Hinodeso)


Guest room list

We have comfortable guest rooms for our guests.


Various services


You can bring your own food and drink in your room.

You can eat and drink in your room or in the lobby. There is also a shared kitchen equipped with a microwave oven, IH stove, and refrigerator.

・When using the refrigerator, put it in a bag with your name written on it, and use it correctly.
・Please note that anything left in the refrigerator after the check-out time will be discarded.
・If you are staying for multiple nights, please let us know your check-out date.

Bathing equipment

After a long day of fun, take advantage of our shower facilities.
You cannot use the bathtub, so if you want to use the hot spring, please use "Hachikita Onsen Toji no Sato" near our hotel. (Refer to the surrounding map for the location)


Free wifi

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. The password will be provided inside the building.


Shampoo, conditioner, and body shampoo are provided in the bathroom. (Towels, gowns, toothbrushes, razors, etc. are not provided. Please bring your own.)

Room cleaning (daily)

Our hotel is cleaned every day. For guests staying consecutive nights, cleaning will be done upon request, so please refer to the information in the hotel for details.


Area map


Main building Hotel Tomiya

〒667-1344 Ozasa, Muraoka Ward, Kami Town, Mikata County, Hyogo Prefecture

Annex Hotel Hinodeso

〒667-1344 Ozasa, Muraoka Ward, Kami Town, Mikata County, Hyogo Prefecture


User guide

This is a list of rules and guidelines for using our hotel.
Please read it before your visit.

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